Attention Span
Published On: May 27, 2015

The sock now has its very own leg and heel flap (and lovely ones at that).

DSC_0964 I’ve figured out how I want to handle the foot and the toes.  I’m quite confident these will be cozy socks.  Alas, knowing how I want them to look means that I’m completely and totally ready for the sock to be done, and I don’t especially want to knit any more of it.

This is actually the problem I have with most knitting.  I love the figuring out bit.  And I love the having the finished object bit.  I’m just not so keen on that middle step…the one where you actually have to wrap the string around a stick thousands and thousands and thousands of times.  I mean I don’t mind it.  It’s actually kind of fun (so long as I only do it for 45 minutes a day and so prevent my elbow from transforming into a fiery ball of stabbing pain).  But it does cut into the time available to figure out new projects.

This is, of course, why I have sample knitters for book projects.  If I had to knit all the book pieces myself, I’d still be on the second book.  But somehow, I’m pretty sure I can’t hire sample knitters for my own personal knitting.  That’s way too much like cheating.  So we’ll just have to count on my desire to actually own these socks to keep me focused until they’re done.  Somebody remind me of that if they’ve not grown any more in a week or two.

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