Published On: June 4, 2015

Well that was fun!  I’m back from TNNA.  (It’s the big industry trade show.  Yarn companies, tool & notion makers, and publishers go there to show off what they do, and yarn stores go there to see what they might like to carry in their shops.)  It was a blast.  I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of this (it apparently took me until my fourth show to feel comfortable at it, but I got there, so I’m calling it a win).

I did a few book signings, caught up with lots of lovely people I only get to see once a year or so, met scads of delightful new folks, and discovered some charming new-to-me yarns (you’re going to want to keep an eye on Fiberstory, I’ve fallen madly in love with them).  I may possibly also have brought lots of look books for the new book coming this fall (and sent oodles and oodles of them home with shop owners).  If your local shop went to TNNA, there’s a very good chance they came home with one.  I’ll be talking about the new book here over the next little while, but if you’re itching to know early, that might be the best way to find out!

Oh, I also came home with a little stack of books to review and give away, so we’ll be having some fun with that over the next few weeks.  Totally a productive trip.  Alas, I didn’t manage to take a single picture, but otherwise a smashing success on all fronts!

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