Published On: July 20, 2015

Do you know anyone who writes books?  If so, there’s likely to come a day when a package arrives from their printer.  When the package comes, it’s best to just stand quietly by and let them have a moment with it.  They’re fairly heavily invested in the stuff in that package, it’s best not to get between them and it.

peep stackI know it looks like a stack of giant, rumpled sheets of paper and may not seem all that fascinating.  But folded up inside there are Real Live Pages From The Book.  I promise it’s a big deal.

peep smallYou get to rub the paper (no one will notice if you sniff it too, that’s totally normal).  You get to look at the pictures up close and personal (paper is just different than the screen, and no matter how many times you’ve seen them on the screen, there’s something about seeing them on paper that’s special).  You get to waggle it back and forth and see how the light behaves on the paper.  It’s really rather ridiculously satisfying.

peep small 2And somewhere in that stack of pages is the first look at the cover, too.  I’m not showing it to you just yet (because of something about not boring you to tears three and a half months before the book comes out), but I promise I spent an alarming amount of time gazing at it, too.

It’s hideously immodest I’m sure, but I really think this one is going to be something special.  Now I just need someone to distract me and keep me sane until it gets here!

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