Because we all know the real point of travel is snacks
Published On: August 28, 2015

You should probably go now.  This post is of absolutely no interest to anyone but me.  This post is possibly the most boring thing on the whole site.

But, I am constantly finding myself looking stuff up on my own blog, so I’m going to take shameless advantage of the ‘my party, my rules’ aspect of having one’s own website and make a quick list of the nifty restaurants we went to in San Francisco.  This really is just so we can remember the next time we’re out there or someone asks us where we liked.  Sorry for not being more entertaining, but you have been warned.

I’ll even provide a hideously cliched picture to round out the shame.  Next week there will be actual knitting, I promise!bridgeTacolicious: required by law to have both cocktails and the bread and chocolate dessert, you may even like it so much you buy their cookbook.

Woodfour Brewing: their sour beers will will console you in the face of horrible traffic.

Bull Valley Roadhouse: so good you’ll go twice (and very likely wish you could go yet again).

Farmer Brown: brunch, make reservations, do the buffet, and go now.

Bar Agricole: sit outside, because a restaurant with wool blankets is too neat not to enjoy.

Central Kitchen: where you needn’t make any pesky decisions, they’ll just bring you food.

Coqueta: you do have to make decisions here, but there are no wrong ones.

Flour + Water: another place where you can just say ‘feed me’ and sit back and relax (they also have a cookbook).

A16: rumor has it the one in Rockridge has the better cocktails, but I bet both are grand (oh and also cookbook).

The Commissary: surprise hit of the trip, dearly wish we could have gone back and had yet more sherry cocktails.

The Progress: overcame my natural resistance to late dinner to grudgingly accepted super late reservation, glad I did.

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