Change of Plans
Published On: September 3, 2015

A hat appeared, fully formed, in my head.  I knew pretty much everything about this hat: how it would be patterned, how the decreases would work, even how the sizing would work.  Everything except the yarn.  So I did the normal thing.  I tossed the stash, found nothing, and then ordered more yarn.

DSC_1578The yarn came, it was lovely.  I swatched, I did math, and I cast on.  But alas, it wasn’t right.  It’s not the yarn’s fault.  It is awesome yarn and will undoubtedly find its way onto my needles at a later date, just not now. DSC_1581So I went back to the stash and had a long chat with the skein I initially considered and then decided against.  After long consultation, we decided that we’d give it another try.  I think it’s going to work out rather well. DSC_1575

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