That’s better
Published On: September 5, 2015

So the hat?  The one that tried to be all dark blue and made from skinny yarn last time?  It turns out it is indeed much happier on the lighter, thicker yarn.  It’s quite happy indeed.Outside out, reversible hat in progressThe only surprise is how much I like the inside of this one.  I like it enough I may not be able to decide which is officially the outside.  (Yes yes, this is not exactly a crushing problem to have.)  What do you guys think?Outside in, reversible hat in progressActually, how do you feel about reversible patterns in general?  I know I did Irresolute as a reversible set (and The Boy and I still differ as to which side is the prettiest), and several of the curls are reversible (especially Filemot and Pavonated, but several of the others too).  But do you guys actually ever flip stuff around?  Or do you just pick a favorite and call it done?  Does it only matter for scarves/shawls?  Or not even there?  Totally curious about how other folks feel about this!


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