Something New
Published On: November 6, 2015

So I’m going to try something fun.  Remember the little cuffs I’ve been playing with for the last week or two (with the yummy sweet fiber yarn)?  Well, they came up to Maine with us for some pictures (nothing like taking advantage of the scenery on vacation), and now they’re ready to be released.

internal 3 smallI’ll be putting them out Tuesday, and I want to try something a little different for this release.  The pattern will be for sale like usual, but I’m also going to send a special code to everyone on the mailing list to let them grab the pattern for free.  I wanted to let you know well ahead of time so you can be sure to sign up if you think these might want to find their way onto your needles.  The sign up form is right here.

I’m calling it an experiment, I totally want to see how it goes!

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