Published On: November 8, 2015

So, we haven’t talked much about this, have we?

It's Coming 1That’s the shiny new book.  That’s the shiny new book which just happens to be going up for preorders next week.

It's Coming 2It is by far the most ‘me’ of any of the books I’ve written.  It’s the one where, if you went back in time ten years and found didn’t-really-knit-yet me and said ‘so, you’re going to drop out of grad school and write knitting books for a living, ok?’ and then showed me this book, I’d probably go ‘oh, yeah, I can totally see me doing that…’

It's Coming 3So, here’s the plan.  Later this week, I’ll show it off a bit and let you take a peek at all the patterns (because really, waiting this long has just about killed me).  Somewhere in there I’ll explain how the preorder will work, just so everyone knows the plan.  Then next week, the preorder (with discounts and goodies for all) will start.  And the week after that, I’ll start putting the book in your hands!  Sound like fun?

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