Published On: January 5, 2016

I believe I promised you a new hat pattern before the winter was over.  And since we’ve just now gotten our first properly cold days and bits of snow, this seems like the perfect time to bring these out.  Penchant is now available on ravelry!

penchant both a smallAnd yes, there are totally two versions of the hat.  The whole time I was working the first one I kept thinking ‘you know, if you shifted the decreases over just a tiny bit, you’d get a totally different look.’  So, I did.  And that one tiny change led to a whole new hat, so it seemed only fair to include both.

penchant 1 a smallThis is the first one.  It’s just a lovely slip stitch rib at first, and then you start doing a little increase/decrease dance to make it spiral.

penchant 2 a smallAnd this is the second one.  One tiny tweak (scooch your decreases over closer to your increases) and all of a sudden you have a whole new version.  I’m still not sure which is my favorite!

penchant 1 b smallBut of course you don’t have to choose, the pattern has both.  And really, I think the only question will be which one you knit first, because I suspect once you’ve made one you’ll want the other!

penchant 2 b smallSo if you’ve got a skein of worsted handy and it’s finally gotten cold where you are, go ahead and cast on.  And just to make it a bit easier, the code TWICE AS NICE will get you a dollar off the pattern through the end of the day Friday.

penchant both b small


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