Published On: January 7, 2016

So the most recent hat and mitts are done (and I’m in the middle of working on the pattern, don’t worry).  And the devious plan for the unreasonably interesting swatches has gotten a green light from the dyer, but we have to wait just a bit for all the lovely yarn to happen.  Which leaves me needing something on my needles to fill the time between.

So, with not much of a plan in mind, I sort of dumped the stash out on the floor of my office (one of the benefits of having a small stash is you can actually dump it out and survey it all at once).  A few skeins of Tosh DK floated to the top (ones I’d picked up in San Francisco this summer) and petitioned for the role of Next Distraction.

One quick swatch, a few scribbled charts (no really, graph paper post its are the best thing ever and belong in every knitter’s bag), and this happened.

Very Blue CowlIt’s going to be a cowl, and it’s going to be marvelous (and it’s also going to be a different color Every Single Time I take a picture of it, the yarn’s just like that, sorry).  The only problem (and I use that word very very lightly) is that it’s so much fun I may be done with it before the yarn for the next project arrives!

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