Published On: February 2, 2016

You know how, when you’re knitting, there’s always a little voice saying ‘you know, you could also try it this way…?’  But you never get to really indulge that voice because if you did, you’d never actually finish anything?  Well, Changeful are my attempt at indulging that inner voice!

changeful 600It all started with a lovely, zig-zaggy stitch pattern that looked quite marvelous all on its own.

yellow 2 smallBut as charming as that is, sometimes you don’t actually want to knit the same thing for a whole sock.  And there just happened to be a couple of points where you could clip the zig-zag and transition nicely into a rib.  One like this if you were feeling the stockinette vibe.

blue 2 smallAnd one like this if you wanted something a bit more textured.

gray 1 smallAnd thanks to an awful lot of help from Stephanie over at SpaceCadet, I could play with all three versions.  That’s her Oriana in all the socks and it’s the perfect choice for these.  The structure of the yarn (a zillion teeny tiny plies) gives you beautiful stitch definition which really makes the cables pop.  And of course you know I love all her amazing colors!

Changeful was initially available only as a little goody for folks who preordered Fine Things, but now it’s out and available to everyone!  If you, too, like the idea of playing with some variations on a theme, you can use the code INDECISIVE to get a dollar off the price through the end of the day Friday.

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