Published On: February 4, 2016

Every now and then I find a yarn that knows a special magic trick.  It somehow manages to be more than one color at once.  I don’t mean more than one color over the length of the yarn (that’s easy enough).  I mean more than one color at any given spot in the yarn.  Sort of like this.

DSC_4894 (This is surprisingly hard to show, so you can click to see a bigger version of the picture if you want to peer at it a bit more closely.)  See how it all seems to have a base color (whether that’s purple or blue or teal), but then there’s also a sort of secondary color (I read it as a very reddish purple, but accounts differ) that carries across all of it?  You can see it most on the sort of haze of fibers that stick up off the surface of the yarn.

DSC_4898You can see it even more clearly if you untwist the plies and look at them individually.  See how the primary color is sort of a lovely teal, but just at the edge of kinks (the spots that were on the outside of the strand when it was all twisted up) you can see just a tiny hint of that purple business?

It’s kind of magic.  I swear every time a yarn does this I end up loving it.  So two questions.  First, dyers, how the heck do you guys do that?  Do you dye the regular stuff first and then toss it back in to the haze color for a quick second go?  I’m terribly curious.

Second, do you guys know of any yarns that do this?  Skeinny Dipping does it sometimes, as does Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  But by far the most consistent one I’ve found is String Theory (and I think it’s part of why I love them, that’s their Caper Aran up there).  But there must be others.  And you guys have got to know way more yarn than I do so…point me towards it!

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