Published On: April 24, 2016

Apparently it’s all cables all the time around here.  What can I say, they’re just nifty.  I can’t really help myself.  Let’s do a little run down of cabled things due out over the next year or so (let’s also pretend there’s a giant, flashing, obnoxiously insistent asterisk right here pointing you to a big disclaimer about how none of these dates are at all set in stone, and you should absolutely expect them to wiggle about a bit).

DSC_5658The zig zag mitts (which written and off with testers right now, probably coming out this summer).

DSC_5667The slippers (I’m working on writing them now, and should have them with testers in a week or two, probably coming out this fall).

12353221_917078525042054_1020422163_nThe teeny twisty cabled socks (which just need pictures to be ready to release and should be out this summer).

12749845_1573039896355245_1857768675_nThe lovely snuggly cowl (freshly written and ready to start testing).

12292767_815998491860169_867606684_nAnd of course the hat with the biggest cables ever (getting written after the slippers).

And no, that’s not all the patterns I’ll be putting out this year, that’s jut all of the cabled ones I already have planned (cough, and can show you now, cough).  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go try and not knit a cable for a few minutes, just to make sure I can.

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