Published On: April 26, 2016

It’s time to finish these up.  Well no. It’s been time to finish them up for about nine months now.  I got this yarn last May, cast on more or less right away, knit one sock with all good speed, knit part of the next sock, wrote the pattern, got it out (with the help of some super duper sample knitters), and then let the half finished second sock sit in the knitting basket for an age.  The last sign I can find of it on the blog is July.

Well this weekend I picked it up, banged out 30 rows or so, and am now about 15 rows and a toe from done.  That really should be about 2-3 hours of knitting at the most.  If you see me knitting anything besides this (cough, book swatches don’t count, cough), gently take my knitting away and point me back toward the sock.

changeful sock nearly doneIt really does deserve to be finished!

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