Published On: June 9, 2016

So a little while ago, a friend said something along the lines of ‘have you seen this yarn?’  I allowed as how I had not and took a look.  It was indeed lovely.

Then I happened to notice that the yarn company happened to be vending at the Maine Fiber Frolic and asked, in a causal sort of way, why I hadn’t had the foresight to arrange to be in Maine that weekend.  A few minutes later, it was brought to my attention that air fare was shockingly reasonable.  As was lodging.  A few hours later, the trip was booked.

And so we found ourselves in Maine.

Now I confess, I did not lug the camera off to the fiber frolic.  It’s heavy, and I wanted my hands free for yarn (besides, there are only so many pictures of goats and sheep and bunnies you really need to see).  But I did catch a bit of water.

coastAnd a few flowers too.

lupinAnd even a wee little heart rock.

heartAnd yes, there was much yarn to be had.  Don’t worry, that’s coming next time!

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