What’s the opposite of progress?
Published On: June 30, 2016

The sock grew and grew.

13413241_304135703264682_1777873793_n It needs just about an inch more foot before it’s time for the toe.

DSC_0075 copyBut my motivation has, as expected, picked up and gone elsewhere.  I’ve not actually knit a stitch on this in close to a week.

The plan is to staple myself to the chair, put something entertaining on netflix, and trick myself into finishing it up this weekend.  Feel free to harass me about it if you don’t see more sock next week.  Not too early though.  Monday is a holiday, and I do not intend to come near the computer.  And Tuesday these are coming out, so I’ll be chatting about them (sign up over here if you want a coupon when they make their debut).

DSC_6401 copyBut some time after that, I should be back to show off some finished grays!

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