Well Begun
Published On: July 2, 2016

Well then, that’s the first big step for next year’s book all sorted.  The last of the yarns are in, and they’re lovely.

DSC_6729 copyThat’s sweetgeorgia’s Cashluxe Fine in Terra Firma.

DSC_6720 copyAnd that’s their Superwash Sport in Goldmine.

Both delightful, as sweetgeorgia always is.  Both already swatched and properly sorted into my scheme!

If you want to look back over all the yarns for next year’s book, you should be able to find them here (plus other stuff about the book as it comes together).  I’ve got lots of pieces for it off with knitters right now, and the rest will be on the needles soon.  And I’m sure we’ll be talking about it lots once Curls 2 is out (cough, which happens next month, cough).  But for now, I’ve got my little pile of yarn snippets from each skein and I’ll just be over here petting them and cooing over the colors!

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