Published On: July 5, 2016

So you know those itty bitty twisty cables? The ones that are so tidy and perfect and downright methodical that you just sort of turn yourself over to them and go happily along for the ride?  Yeah, that’s what Enchase are all about!

DSC_6299 copyAnd, full disclosure, tiny cables like this can be just a bit fiddly, at least until you get the hang of them.  You’ll probably have to look at the chart from time to time, especially in the beginning.  But oh, oh it’s worth it.  Look how lovely that is.  You really could not ask for anything more.

DSC_6302 copyYou’re going to want a yarn that works with you for this project.  Because you’ve got a purl background, and because purl stitches highlight variegation more than knit stitches (some day I’m going to have to do a post about this so I can just link to it as needed…), you’ll want something that’s solid or awfully close to solid.  And because part of what makes the pattern stand out is the shadows the columns of knit stitches cast, you may want to consider a light color.

DSC_6284 copyI went with Quince & Company’s Tern (yes, again, because I love it dearly) in Dusk, and it was a perfect choice, as it so often is.  This yarn has totally moved to the top of my list for socks!

You can use the code TWISTY to get a dollar off the price between now and Friday.  Just put Enchase in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code TWISTY.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

DSC_6389 copy

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