Block All The Things…yes even your swatches
Published On: November 1, 2017

Remember the gray speckled swatch on the needle from the other day?  The one with the Daintree yarn from Skein?

Well it came off the needles and looked fine…but like most knitting (all…not most…all), it was a bit rumpled and untidy.  That’s just the nature of knitting. It needed to be blocked.

All I did was squeeze it under water a few times then lay it flat beside the sink to dry.  No pins, no wires, no tension, no real effort.  Just soak it and lay it flat to dry.  And look what a difference that made.

I hear from people all the time saying ‘my knitting doesn’t look like yours.’  And 95% of the time it’s that they’re not blocking their finished pieces.  And I get that sometimes the full blocking dance is hard (worth it…but not always practical) but I promise you can soak your knitting and let it dry (hint, that’s basically washing it, and you’re going to want to do that from time to time).  You spent all that time making something, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and really let it shine.

And…just because it amuses me…this colorway is called Sea View and I just happened to come across a few pieces of sea glass on the beach as I walked out to the picnic table to take these pictures.  I decided to take shameless advantage!

Oh, and just for anyone following along at home, it’s a swatch for a project that will be in Curls 3 (which will be out next year if all goes according to plan).  You can follow along with all the Curls 3 posts over here.

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