Slipper, reincarnated
Published On: November 3, 2017

So when last we left the slipper, he was languishing after a bit of a rip.  I put him in time out to see if I was going to pick back up or try the same general idea with a different yarn.

And somehow while he was in time out, this skein kept coming to the top of the stash.  Funny how that happens sometimes.

And then?  Well then this happened and I think we’re pretty much done for.

The yarn is Opulence DK by String Theory in the color Tourmaline.  And yes, yes it does change color from picture to picture (it changes color in real life if the sun goes behind a cloud, so I’m not surprised).  The yarn sits in some indefinable spot between blue and purple and turquoise, and it’s never going to look the same from one round of pictures to the next, so we’ll just have to resign ourselves to the mysteries of the yarn.  I think we’re up for the task.

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