Published On: November 5, 2017

Let’s talk about twisted rib.  So start by taking a look at this side of the heel flap…

And then take a look at the back side.

Basically it’s 1×1 ribbing, with the knits twisted on one side (there’s a bit of slipping going on, but that’s the general idea).

Flip back and forth between the pictures and see how much of a difference it really does make.  The one with the twisted rib is just So Much More Tidy.

Now sometimes, I’ll have you do both your knits and purls twisted (usually when it’s a hat brim you might fold up so both sides will be visible, like on Permutation or Spicule).  And I know some folks don’t like purling through the back loop, but I really do think it makes enough of a difference to be worth it.  And you can always stop once you get past the point where the folded up brim will show.

That said…you’re the boss of your knitting and you get to decide.  But I highly recommend taking a close look at what the different fabrics look like (and how they behave) so you can make an informed decision.  And if you’re knitting a lot of it and it bugs you, see if you can find a way to ptbl that’s more comfortable for you.


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