I didn’t forget
Published On: March 15, 2018

Remember the other day when we talked about the…ah…let’s go with ‘generous‘ amount of swatching that comes before a project?  And I showed you all the swatches that happened before the blue hat leapt into being?  And remember that gray swatch at the top that a bunch of you liked?

Well turns out I liked it too.  But the yarn it was in was just a tiny bit darker than what I wanted (there’s sort of this thing where a bunch of those hats may all end up hanging out together in a bigger project, which all of a sudden meant all the yarns have to look good with each other, which significantly complicates things).  So I did the reasonable thing and got more yarn.

That’s Mrs Crosby’s Satchel in Greystone (I am a child of the 80s and consistently type Greyskull instead of Greystone, just so you know…).  And it’s absolutely lovely with the other hats.

But of course just because I’d swatched with the earlier yarn doesn’t mean I don’t need to swatch with this one.  For one thing I needed to check the gauge/fabric (to figure out which needles give me the fabric I like and what size I’m going to make)

And I also needed to see if I liked the background fabric better ribbed or plain (ribbed, for sure).

All of which is my long way of saying that if you missed the other swatch, that stitch pattern isn’t done with me yet (plus your weekly dose of ‘yes, swatching really is important, you really should be doing it’ as a bonus).


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