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Published On: March 16, 2018

Remember how I said that the current mailing list goody was about to go away so I could bring out something new?  Well I have it on good authority that you’re going to want to be sure you’re in on that…the new piece is rather fetching.

Here it is on my patent-pending (this is a blatant lie), super nifty (that part’s true) cowl blocking device.  Yes, I do call it the frilly lampshade, and yes it is the best way I’ve found to block a cowl without getting any pesky wrinkles.  You should totally be doing this to all your cowls (this part is also true).

And here’s a peek at how it looks after blocking (wasn’t it clever of me to find a house with a mossy tree stump in the yard…makes for great photo backgrounds).  I’ll show it off more fully on Tuesday when it goes out to mailing list folks!

So, one last reminder to grab the current pattern while you can.  (This last warning is mostly so I can assuage my guilt when someone comes along in a few days and says ‘but I didn’t know…and now it’s gone‘…I’m trying to walk that line between giving everyone who might be interested in getting it sufficient notice and beating people over the head.)  It’s going down some time this weekend, so move quick.

And, if you’re on the mailing list, you’ll also get this lovely new bit of business on Tuesday when it comes out.  So go give the stash a little bit of a toss and see what might be calling to you.  This one’s made with Anzula’s Cricket (which is an absolutely delightful yarn).

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