Consilience (plus giveaway)
Published On: March 20, 2018

Sometime last week the blog turned nine.  I assure you I’m every bit as surprised as you are, but it really does seem to be true.  So, to those of you who have been with me from the beginning, and to those of you who are just joining me now, thank you, I’m glad you’re here! I can’t wait to see what we get up to next.

So, to celebrate another year, I thought maybe we’d do a little pattern giveaway.  If you’re on my mailing list already, you should have an email from me with a code to let you download Consilience. (If you weren’t already on the list, you can sign up right here, and the pattern will head your way. And if you thought you were on the mailing list, but didn’t get an email from me, try the suggestions here.)

I really do love cowls more than I should.  They’re easy to knit (especially this one, it’s mostly stockinette in the round with just a little bit of lace thrown in to make it pretty and keep it interesting).  They’re easy to wear (tell me I’m not the only one prone to shawl or scarf malfunction).  And they really are the perfect thing to keep you cozy.

Plus they’re a great thing to do with those single skeins of special yarn you couldn’t resist (but didn’t necessarily have a plan for).  And they fit pretty much everyone, so they’re perfect for making as presents.  I really don’t know what else you could ask for!

Especially when you can make them in a yarn as lovely as this!  These are in Anzula’s Cricket (which is awfully high up there on my list of Marvelously Versatile Yarns…soft enough for a cowl, sturdy enough for socks, and available in pretty much every color you could ask for).  The big one took just about every inch of a skein (250 yards), and the little one took about half that (125 yards).

To help spread the love, the good folks at Anzula have two skeins of the yarn I used to give away. (the color is Aspen, which sits at this amazing place somewhere between green and gray and blue and really is delightful).  If you think you might have room for them in your stash, be sure you check out the instagram post where we’re doing the giveaway.

And just in case you missed it up above, if you want the pattern for free, you can see all the info about how to get it right here.  And every time I do something like this, a few folks send me super nice messages saying they prefer to buy things from the creators they like and asking if there’s a way they can buy it (which is just so sweet, you guys rock), so if you want to do that, you can do it on the ravelry page over here.

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