No really…I mostly just swatch
Published On: March 19, 2018

I’ve done you a disservice.  I got all distracted showing this particular bit of fluff off on instagram and sort of forgot to show it off here too (I know, I find it odd too…but your best chance of seeing all the things these days is to keep an eye on me over there).  Remember the On The Round rainbow goodness from the other day?

Well it turned into a swatch.

And then that swatch got tweaked and turned into another swatch.

And then that swatch went all sorts of good places.

This is going to end up being a hat (possibly with a companion piece depending on how my yarn and enthusiasm hold up…).  And I suspect it’s going to be something rather special.

Yarn is from On The Round (their Everyday DK is Silver Lining Tweed and Everyday Lite in Silver Lining Rainbow).  And yes it’s every bit that pretty in real life.  You want it in your stash!


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