Published On: April 9, 2018

As expected, the hours put in on the ribbing were absolutely worth it.  The hat proper is so lovely (and so much fun to do).  And having put in all that ribbing means I’ll actually wear the hat (skimpy brim is the quickest way to make sure a hat languishes at the bottom of the hat bin, no matter how pretty it is).

The yarn is Mrs Crosby’s Satchel in Graystone.  And the stitch is totally one of those things where I find myself wanting to work just a few more rows…just to get to the end of the repeat so I can watch the next row of diamonds form up.

I don’t know what it says about my amusement threshold, but that always feels like it makes for faster knitting.  I’m not alone in that, right?  Right?  The same thing happens with neat colors (like the Keepsies hat…I just kept wanting to knit enough to get through the rainbow one more time).  And I’ve heard rumor you colorwork folks have the same thing.

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