Published On: July 26, 2018

So you know I’ve been feeling the slipper love lately.  They really are fun to knit (and wear…and don’t try and convince me you don’t need a slipper wardrobe because I just won’t believe you).  But taking pictures of them has always been a little tricky.  I used a pair of shoe stretchers, but they didn’t quite have the volume I wanted (and they were a little smaller than my feet, so I sometimes had to pad out the toe a little to make them really show off the slippers.  But no more.

I went on etsy and found two pairs of vintage lasts.  Folks who make shoes use them to make shoes of various sizes and styles.  I got ones that are close to the size of my feet, and I can already tell they’ll be a breeze to take slipper photos on.

You can find them on ebay or etsy if you want some of your own (search for lasts or shoe lasts).  They’ll be joining the shelf of weird props (we need to do an office tour sometime…I’ve got kind of a lot of funny things in here).  And I think they’re a perfectly good excuse to get some more slippers on the needles, don’t you?  I mean I want to put them to work…

Top picture is Quiescent, bottom one is Burgeoning if you’re feeling the urge, and I’ve got a handful of other slippers too if you’re looking for something to keep you cozy!

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