Ready, set, go
Published On: July 27, 2018

And so it begins…

Now, as knitters all know, if you’re worried about running out of yarn, the trick is to knit really fast so you outrun the end.

Totally valid approach…not at all insane, sure to work.

Now, to be fair, I’m also doing things like not using a folded brim (don’t want to anyway, the leaf pattern will make a lovely little scallop it would be a shame to hide) and using big needles to make a relaxed fabric that takes less yarn.  And at some point, I’ll measure and do some math (and probably come back and talk about that, though typing about math may not be the most scintillating thing ever).  But for now…for now I’ll resort to glowering at the remaining yarn ball and muttering under my breath.


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