Published On: October 12, 2018

These are not proper knitting.  They’re not serious.  They’re not somber.  They’re not even a little bit practical.  They’re pretty much ridiculous.  And they’re just what I need right now.  They’re called Hoard, and you can grab them now on ravelry (and take 10% off with the code ACORNS).

So these were supposed to just be for me.  They all started because there’s this gorgeous mossy root in my backyard (yes, yes it is sort of a fairy land out there), and every time I walk past it I think ‘I to use that for photos someday…’  Well someday finally came, and I knit a few acorns and snapped a picture.

Other folks were as smitten as I was.  And though I spent a fair amount of time feeling like you really probably could improvise this if you wanted to, enough people asked for a pattern that I decided I’d go ahead and write it up.  So if you’re feeling nervous, the pattern will hold your hand all the way through (it’s got pages of step by step photos to walk you through it, and tips on everything I can think of that might feel scary).

So if you have a few yards of yarn (each of these took less than ten yards), a few minutes (they take about twenty minutes to knit), and a few acorn caps (you can find them on amazon if they don’t grow near you), you can have a bowl of these in no time.  Which might just be enough to make the day a whole lot better.  Use the code ACORNS to take 10% off for the next few days.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m morally obligated to go knit something somber…maybe some dark gray socks with no pattern on them whatsoever…just to balance things out.  Or possibly just a few more of these first.


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