Published On: October 16, 2018

Yeah, so apparently I should just give in and knit tiny things over and over and over again for the rest of time.

It’s looking like there are going to be a dozen variations on these (all made by slipping stitches, not with proper colorwork, because proper colorwork is scary and not something I want to mess with on a project the size of a lightbulb).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go make tassels for all of them, and then go wandering around the yard, looking for something that feels suitably Christmas tree like to take photos of them on.  Because I’m totally a real grownup and that’s absolutely a reasonable thing for me to be doing with my work day.

Pattern at the very end of the month (so you can go start finding yarn if you want…I used Manos Del Ururguay’s Alegria and Fino).  Each hat takes just a few yards of a background color and a contrast color, it’s a perfect thing to do with sock yarn leftovers if you maybe just happen to have a jar of those somewhere handy!

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