Published On: October 23, 2018

First there was Hither, then there was Thither, and now there is Yon.  The set is complete!  You can find them on ravelry (and either get an awesome discount on the whole set, or use the code LEAFY for 10% off just the cowl if you really just want it all by itself).

Now, if you’ve been paying way more attention to my knitting than you probably should, you might remember that this is actually the part of the set I knit first (way way way back in May of 2016).  That’s because the moment I laid hands on this yarn, I knew I wanted to wrap myself up in it, and a cowl is a great way to do that.

Cowls are tied with fingerless mitts for first place in the ‘knitters get the best ones’ competition.  Because really…you can absolutely find super cute scarves in stores.  And you can even sometimes find cute hats.  But I’ve never seen a cowl in a store that comes anywhere close to what you can knit for yourself, and the same goes for fingerless gloves.  If you find them in stores at all, they’re kinda boring, and not in particularly nice yarns.  So knitting them yourself really is the way to go.

I like to make mine tapered (wider at the bottom, narrower at the top) so it will sit nicely on my chest and shoulders but not be too bulky up by my neck.  But I haven’t reached any firm conclusions on how deep they should be, so I wrote this to have both a shorter version (that’s what you see here) and a deeper version (in case you want to be ridiculously snuggly).  But don’t worry, you don’t have to decide which you’d prefer until you’re well into the pattern (I tell you where to stop and measure to figure out what feels better for you).

If you want to make one for yourself, you can grab just the cowl pattern all by itself for 10% off with the code LEAFY.  Or, if you want all three patterns, you can buy them together as a set and get a discount on them.  For the first few days this is out, you can get all three patterns for $14.90 (that’s a savings of $7.45 off the price of the three patterns individually, the equivalent of getting one pattern free).  You don’t need a code, ravelry’s system is totally cool enough to just make it work on it’s own.  Just put all three patterns in your cart and you’ll see the reduced price in your cart.  Oh, and if you bought the hat or mitts already, whatever you spent on them when you bought them will count toward the price of the set (as long as you were logged into ravelry when you make both purchases).  Both those discounts will work until the end of the day eastern time, Friday October 26.  After that the individual discount expires and the price for the pair of patterns goes up.

And just for anyone playing along at home, yes I am tickled pink by the names on these.  And if you have any great ideas for three part pattern names like this, totally leave me a note about them in the comments.  I’m usually pretty good at finding pattern names, and I even have a list of pattern name pairs I can use, but sets of three are proving tricky, so I’m officially soliciting suggestions!

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