Yarn…sometimes I just need to buy yarn
Published On: October 22, 2018

So I did, alas, not go to Rhinebeck this year (I’ve gone before…but I get rather quickly overwhelmed by All The People and sort of want to just…leave…leave at once).  But that does not mean I didn’t spend the weekend playing with yarn.  I ordered myself something new (translation, I’ve not used it before) and indulgent (translation, it’s from far enough away that the shipping feels expensive (even though it is actually totally reasonable) and the yarn takes an age to get here because the post office hates me and wants me to suffer).

That’s Bouncy Sport in Candy Sparrow and Silky Mohair in Seashells, both from Martin’s Lab.  And now that they’re here, I spent the weekend playing with them.

That, of course, means swatches.  Lots and lots of swatches.  Because that’s how you get to know new yarn!  Neither of those is the finished form of the actual project, but both taught me things about the yarn and moved me closer to what the final form will actually be.  More of these soon, I suspect I won’t be able to resist their charms for long!

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