Let’s do that again…
Published On: November 1, 2018

So…if you’ve been here for a very very very long time, you just might remember that back in November and December of 2015, I knit a hat and some cuffs to go with it.


They were out of what is very possibly my favorite purple yarn ever, they had absolutely gorgeous cables (look at the top of that hat…is that not glorious?), they fit perfectly, I loved everything about them.


And for some reason they sat, unworn and unpublished, all alone in my Basket of Things To Turn Into Patterns for, quite literally, years.  There’s just no good reason for that.  I mean there are plenty of bad reasons (that yarn is discontinued, I’ve started doing thumbs a little differently, I knit the hat a bit too slouchy to easily take photographs), but no really good reason to keep that all to myself.

So…so when the yarn from this June’s trip to Fiber Frolic (a yarn that is very much not discontinued) started waving at me from the corner of the stash, it seemed like it might be time to revisit that pattern and finally get it out into the world.

First up…unkinking the yarn.  I’ll talk you through that here shortly!

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