Bespeckle (plus giveaway)
Published On: April 2, 2019

Bespeckle is up on ravelry, there’s yarn to give away on instagram, and the pattern is 10% off for the first few days it’s out with the code SPECK.

This was just supposed to be about the pompoms. I had this burning need to put all the stuff I find myself saying about pompoms (how to get them really full and round, how to make them detachable, how to add stripes or polkadots, what tools I like) down in one place.  So I figured fine, I’ll embrace the delightful ridiculousness that is my life and do just that.

But then it turned out that you can’t really put a pompom pattern on ravelry by itself, they want something you actually knit or crochet to go with it.  And I’m cool with that, it’s their house, they get to make the rules!  So I thought sure, I’ll add a basic hat (because clearly you want a hat to show off your new pompom).  But it turns out I am unable to knit a truly plain hat.  Oh and I’d been sort of wanting an excuse to explore adding speckles to my knitting.  And if I’m already giving serious thought to pompoms, well, I’ve clearly abandoned all pretext that my knitting should be serious and somber…so why not combine the two!


And you know what…it turns out that when I talked about this over on insgatram, no one came up and said ‘you’re not being serious enough, I’m taking your yarn away and making you sit in time out until you feel like knitting a steeked, colorwork cardigan on fingering weight yarn.’  Instead, at least some of you said you wanted to play too.  And so that’s how we find ourselves here, with an absurdly detailed pattern talking about pompoms and speckles.

So, if your first though was ‘actually yes, that sort of is what I’ve been looking for,’ then you can grab the pattern for 10% off with the code SPECK for the next few days.  And if you’re thinking ‘sooooo…about that time out corner’ then don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll do something more respectable soon…maybe…no promises!  But either way, be sure to check out instagram for a giveaway of the awesome SpaceCadet yarn I used to make these with…it’s yummy, you totally want it!



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