Published On: April 4, 2019

I’m coming to love my scraps bin.  I used to be fairly ruthless about throwing out little bits of yarn.  If a yarn leftover was under 100 yards or so I’d decide I was never really going to use it for anything and just chuck it.   But these days…these days I seem to find myself knitting more than my fair share of tiny stuff.

The hearts, the stars, and the acorns all came straight out of the scraps bin (the acorns especially used the tiniest bits of yarn ever).

And now the cupcakes are happening (and there are at least a few other tiny things planned for later in the year), and they too are making heavy use of the scraps bin.  I mean I did have to go find chocolate cake colored yarn in a shop (and the lady at the store was absolutely delightful about my quest…didn’t make me feel like a weirdo at all), but all the frosting is straight out of the extras pile.

So now I find myself wondering if there’s a good way to organize it.  Right now it’s all in a big plastic storage container (the kind that are about the size of the biggest carry on suitcases), but it gets super jumbled and things get lost and I find myself having to dump it all out to sort and play with it whenever I want to find something.

So tell me all your grand ideas.  How do you keep your little bits organized?  Do you actually keep them organized, or is it sort of a free for all?  Do you keep them labeled, or just sort of trust that you’ll be able to figure it out if you need to?

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