Published On: May 3, 2019

So let’s talk edges.  ⁣A few of the folks testing this mentioned they like ribbed brims better than rolled brims.  And while I am a sucker for a good rolled brim (or maybe it’s just that my eyes start to cross if I have to knit too much ribbing…), I can totally see the appeal (in fact, some of my early swatches with this stitch had a ribbed start).  ⁣

So…why not have an option for either!  This is the rib I liked best (in part because it will look great folded up and will work well on the matching mitts too), and I’ll be including a note in the pattern on how you could change to it if you prefer ribbed brims to rolled ones.⁣

Now it’s totally not the only one you could do (k1, p1, k2, p1, k1 would also look good, especially if you carried the purl columns up for the first few rows of the body until they hit that first diagonal line).  There are almost always a whole bunch of ribs that would work with any given stitch, and playing with them to see what you like best is totally part of the fun.⁣

Oh, and for anyone wondering, the yarns are the same as on the rest of the hat, just that’s the far purple end of the gradient!

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