Summer School
Published On: June 28, 2019

Ok, I’m doing something scandalous…scandalous I tell you.  I’m going to take part of next month off.  This year’s book is heading off to the printer next week (translation, one of the year’s biggest projects is just about to finish up a hard bit), and I’ve got some time before it comes back (translation, the next hard bit happens when the book gets back from the printer), so if I’m going to rest a bit, now’s the time.

But don’t worry, the blog isn’t going quiet!  There will actually be rather a lot going on.  I’m just being all clever and staging some stuff it ahead of time.

I’m going to take the next four weeks and talk about a specific topic or technique each week.  I’ll do a big post on Mondays to start the week off (with links to useful info on that subject), then pick some of my favorite patterns and talk about how they use the technique and what makes them cool over the rest of the week.  I’ll put the patterns I talk about on sale for the day they’re being featured (but each sale is only for 24 hours, so either come by the blog or look on instagram or twitter to make sure you see what’s featured).

The festivities will kick off next week with cables, then we’ll move on to improper colorwork (aka ‘using two colors per row for the whole row is just too hard and I don’t want to’), lace, and blocking.  Because those are some of my very favorite things to talk about, and I have more to say about them than I probably should!


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