It’s been a long week
Published On: June 29, 2019

This week had some rough bits.  Ravelry did something awesome.  A whole lot of folks were firmly in support of what ravelry did and made that known.  A teeny tiny handful of folks had had some very public temper tantrums.  And. while the folks throwing temper tantrums were FAR outnumbered by the awesome folks, it was still distressing to see all that bad behavior.

I mean think of how it feels when a tired two year old has a meltdown in the grocery store checkout line.  There’s one person having a very bad, very noisy moment and dozens of folks just going about their day.  But even though the noisy person is way outnumbered, if they’re loud enough, everyone totally hears their performance.  That can be a bit taxing.

And I’d been hearing a lot of those performances when I went to my computer Tuesday night to check comments and delete any of the really gross stuff before bed.  And then, in what I can only think of as the universe handing me a little something lovely to make up for the ugly bits, there was an email from Seven Sisters Arts talking about their amazing color wheel yarns.  I bought one on the spot.

It came in the mail Thursday morning.  About ten minutes after the mail came, I had a swatch on my needles.

About ten minutes after that, I cast on.

I suspect this will be lovely!

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