Summer School – Colorwork – Wavering and Unwavering
Published On: July 18, 2019

I’m taking a bit of time off this month, but I wanted to make sure you had something to do while I’m napping (or, more likely, sweeping out the garage, getting drywall dust  out of my cabinets, or planning next year’s projects…but napping sounds better).

On Mondays, I’ll introduce a topic or skill and provide a bunch of links and resources to help you learn more. Later in the week, I’ll show off a few favorite patterns so you can do some homework.  The featured patterns will be on sale for one day each, so come back each weekday to see if there’s something that catches your eye!

Ok, so we talked about slipping stitches out front.  We talked about making one tiny, grudging tweak to plain old stripes to make them do something special.  Now what about almost sort of kind of doing the colorwork thing…but only for three measly stitches.  Because that’s what Wavering and Unwavering have you do.

And if you want to, you can totally say no fair and tell me I’m totally cheating and that this is full on colorwork.  Because for those three stitches of fancy bit you are using two colors on one row.

But really…it’s three stitches.  For three stitches, you don’t have to do any of that fancy ‘hold this yarn in one hand and the other yarn in the other hand and throw one of them and pick the other and why don’t you whistle a tune and ride a unicycle while you’re at it you filthy show off’ nonsense.  For three stitches you can just white knuckle your way through it.  Then you get to knit nice, mellow, one color fabric for the whole rest of the round.

Wavering and Unwavering are both 25% off just for today with the code SUMMER SCHOOL (technically, it’s 12:01 am to 11:59 pm eastern time on Thursday, July 17, 2019 if you want to get very particular).  The discount works on either pattern or both together.  These two are companion pieces, so there’s usually a bit of a discount if you buy them together anyways.  But I’ll save you doing the math, the SUMMER SCHOOL code gets you a slightly better price for the set (or of course if you just want one that’s cool too).  Come back tomorrow for more improper colorwork!

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