If I could do it for you, I would…
Published On: September 29, 2019

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I want you to block your knits. Even for tiny things. ESPECIALLY for tiny things.

Now, someone’s going to say ‘but I don’t know hooooooooow.’ Which, ok. Blocking little things can sometimes take a bit of extra ingenuity. But that’s why I spend so much time talking about it on here and then tell you exactly how to do it in the patterns.

So for example, in the Nestled pattern that came out earlier this month, it says “Weave in your ends. Get your leaf soaking wet. Squeeze out the extra water, then slip it over something round and waterproof. I used a light bulb, but an egg would work just as well. Let it dry.” And then I show you a picture of it on a light bulb.

Or in the Scintillation pattern that came out last year, there’s a picture of the star being blocked, a whole whack of text telling you when and how to do it, and three different blocking templates you can print out and pin your star to so you don’t have to try and eyeball anything.

I really am doing every single thing I can to get you to block short of showing up at your house and pouring water on your knitting.

All of which means if you send me a message saying ‘mine doesn’t look like yours’ and I ask you if you blocked it and you say ‘no, I never block anything’…I will have to figure out a polite way to say ‘welp, that’s why they don’t look the same!’⁠ And that’s no fun for any of us!⁠⠀

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