Let’s do the thing…
Published On: September 30, 2019

The blocking thing has a secret extra bonus. You can use the time the peach takes to dry to knit the leaf (or maybe it needs two leaves?) to go on the top.

And enough folks have asked that maybe I’ll go ahead and do an impromptu Impeachment Peach pattern. I sort of thought only I would find this amusing, but it seems quite a few of you share my sentiments (and possibly even my defective sense of humor).

Let me know if that’s the sort of thing that would float your boat. And maybe let me know if there’s a good place we could send some of the money the pattern makes to to help alleviate a tiny bit of the harm this administration is doing. My first thought is always somewhere like RAICES or Southern Poverty Law Center or Planned Parenthood. But I always feel like I don’t have the sort of donating power that does much good at places like that. So if you know about places where the kind of money a knitting pattern can make might feel like it’s actually doing something, totally leave a comment.⁠

However…and this is where I get very very direct and clear for a minute…if you’re about to leave some pro current administration comment on this, just don’t. All that will happen is I’ll block you and delete your comment. That’s a waste of everyone’s time.⁠ If you don’t like me/my work because I don’t like this president, that’s totally cool. You are absolutely allowed to feel that way. But you can just go, you don’t need to throw a tantrum on your way out.

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