Published On: October 1, 2019

Whirling is out and it’s 10% off with the code SWIRL.

This is what happens when you have the house to yourself for a week and, instead of catching up on your sleep, finally getting all those pesky home improvement projects finished, or actually going out and socializing with friends, you start the week off by going to a yarn store.  Then, at the yarn store, you find two lovely balls of fat, squishy yarn…yarn that won’t stop talking to you about what a delightful little hat it would make.

So you fiddle around with a quick swatch, just to make the yarn hush.  But instead of hushing, the yarn gets louder than ever.  And before you know it somehow you’ve cast on a hat.  Even more alarming, somehow you’re casting the hat off the very next day.  Because once you started you were helpless to stop and you could do nothing but knit until it was done.

Now, I officially don’t recommend doing what I did and knitting the whole thing in 24 hours.  That was only possible because I knit mine at a frankly absurd gauge (3 stitches per inch!) with huge yarn (don’t worry, the pattern includes gauge and sizing info to kit it with smaller yarn and at a more sensible gauge, you don’t have to be like me).  And even so it hurt my elbow in a way I probably shouldn’t admit.

But you will do something much more reasonable like cast on this afternoon and cast off this weekend (which will still feel quick, but won’t leave you icing your elbow and muttering about how you should have more sense at this point).  Use the code SWIRL to take 10% off the pattern for the first few days it’s out.  And don’t forget to take breaks and stretch…no one wants achy joints!


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