Bubble bubble
Published On: October 15, 2019

So…it’s fine to spend some time in your yard trying to take a Halloween vibe photo of some little leaf buddies. That’s totally cool.⁠⠀

⁠And it’s lovely to meet folks from the neighborhood. Totally great to get to know everyone.⁠⠀
But it’s a Tiny Bit Awkward to meet folks from the neighborhood while you’re standing in the yard taking photos of tiny wooden dolls, dressed in lovely knit capes, posed around a bubbling cauldron. ⁠⠀
The temptation is to explain.⁠⠀That will make you sound mad. ⁠⠀Much better to just maintain cheerful eye contact and make polite chit chat wile totally totally totally ignoring the bubbly mess between you.

P.S. Someone will ask, so the pattern is Nestled (just I knit them in purple instead of in leaf colors), and the cauldron is this one (as always, amazon links are affiliate links).

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