Small Vase
Published On: October 16, 2019

I want to explain the Small Vase Theory of Happiness.  ⁠

Which I know probably sounds odd, but bear with me.  I really truly believe everyone needs a few small vases in their life.  They don’t even need to be a proper vases (some of my favorite small vases came from the grocery store and had spices or mustard or yogurt in them at the start of their life), anything small and waterproof will do.⁠

The idea is that filling that giant vase, the one that looks like it belongs on an alter in a church or a hideously impractical table in a fancy home decor magazine is actually kind of daunting.  It requires either a staggeringly expensive trip to the florist or an awful lot of stuff growing in your garden (plus the time and skill to arrange it).  And I don’t know about your life, but my life doesn’t really lend itself to actually doing that more than about once every five years.  And in the meantime, that vase sits in my cupboard, eating up a huge amount of space, making me feel guilty for not leading a more heavily photo styled life.⁠

But a small vase…especially a small vase that came as a bonus with my yogurt or mustard or jam…that’s different.  A small vase I can fill for free with a handful of weeds from the edge of my messy yard in five minutes time.  A small vase I can tuck on a window sill or a book shelf or my desk or wherever else I could use a little bit of delight.  A small vase I can keep full of pretty things all year long, even in the middle of winter.

A small vase is an excuse for teeny tiny, super easy, guilt free indulgences that are so cheap they border on free.  And I don’t know about you, but I could use a few more of those.

So go, get yourself a tiny vase (bonus points if you buy yourself something delicious at the grocery store and turn it into a small vase) and fill it full of something that makes you happy!

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