Swatches…so many swatches
Published On: October 21, 2019

It’s high time I start showing off some of the bits and pieces for the upcoming book!  And for me, that means swatches.  So Many Swatches.

Now, if I were cooler, I’d have this pinned out and under tension for you.  Because this is one of those stitches that just absolutely pops when it’s stretched a bit (always a good choice for sock patterns, where you generally have a bit of negative ease).  But instead you’ll just have to imagine me stretching it just a tiny bit and making cooing noises as I revel in the tiny twisted stitches and perfect lines.⁠

Yarn is Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color White Buffalo.⁠⠀And you will always always always be glad to have Karen’s yarn in your stash!

What comes next? More swatches!  Because really, that’s how projects start around here.  And this…this is quite possibly the prettiest swatch I ever did swatch.

I swear the yarn pooled so perfectly (and it did on the final sock too…what till you see it).  And this is a perfect example of just how different a color can look in the skein and on the swatch.  You can hardly even find that sort of teal color in the top right of the swatch if you look at the skein…but then you knit it up and there it is, flirting with you in the very nicest way.  You are going to flip when you see these!⁠

Yarn is Caper Sock by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in the color Blue Hill.  And it is the closest thing to that gorgeous iridescent sheen you get on wet pavement I’ve ever seen (yeah yeah, I know, gross thing to think about, but good gracious but it’s lovely to behold).

These are both swatches for socks in this year’s book.  The book that comes out next month (yes, that does indeed mean I’m going to have a busy next few weeks. Feel free to send tea and chocolate).  If you are super cool and want to be sure to hear when the preorder opens, the mailing list is the best way to make that happen.  You probably already knew that, but apparently it’s the sort of thing I’m supposed to actually say out loud, so I’m trying to be a Responsible Business Bot and do those things!

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