Published On: October 20, 2019

So folks who bought the Peached pattern already know this, but there was a little something extra in there.  I included instructions on how to modify your peach a bit and turn it into an apple.  But I didn’t actually have an apple knit quite yet (and wow did I want to get that one out in a timely fashion), so I didn’t say anything about it in the pattern description.

I like to work on the theory that no one will be too terribly mad if they happen to find out there’s something extra and unexpected in there!

But, now that I’ve had a moment to catch my breath, I went ahead and knit a little apple.  And oh my goodness but it’s every bit as adorable as I hoped it would be!  I’ve updated the pattern and ravelry page with some pictures of it, but they were too cute not to share here too.  So…if you find yourself in dire need of an apple, I’ve got you covered!

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