Published On: October 24, 2019

The pattern for these is due out Tuesday if all goes according to plan.  If you want a heads up (and a discount) when the pattern drops, make sure you’re on the list (mailing list folks always get a bigger discount than the one I post here).

And while you wait, I’ve got a little scavenger hunt for you.  You’re going to need some stuffing (I use wool roving, you can totally use the polyester stuff if that’s what you have, or even a cotton ball or two if you can’t track down anything else).  You’re also going to need a fat straw…one of those super thick ones that are about as big around as a marker.  The easiest way to get one is to go somewhere that has milk shakes (or smoothies, or bubble tea) and order something indulgent.  You can also find them on amazon or at a party supply store if you want a lot…but ordering a milkshake (or maybe two) sounds like more fun.

If you want to get Really Quite Fancy you can also start doing no end of fiddly things with curtain weights (to help the edges of the mushrooms hang down) and fishing weights or magnets (to help the mushrooms stand up on their own).  But those are only if you think you’re going to have a bad case of mushroom fever (or you get a perverse pleasure in over engineering your knits).  I’m guilty on both charges, so I listed out all the stuff I used to make mine on my amazon shop if you want to get super excited (amazon links are always affiliate links).  But stuffing and fat straws are the main goals!⁠

Oh and yarn!  We can’t forget yarn.  This is Seven Sisters Arts meridian base in the silk road gradient set for the caps and matrika in vireo for the undersides.  And yes, yes Karen does have the most mushroom-y colors ever.  It’s really really true!⁠

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