Published On: October 26, 2019

So sometimes, you are outside cleaning up your yard after a storm (almost as though you were a responsible grownup who made good decisions) and you Just Keep Seeing Acorn Twins. Not only that, but you keep seeing acorn twins where one half has the acorn still attached and the other half doesn’t.  So you start picking them up and stuffing your pockets full of them.

And then, after you’ve made enough headway on the yard that you can call it a day (the idea of ‘enough’ has a certain flexibility to it you understand) you go inside, plunge your hand into the scraps bin, find your tiniest knitting needles, and lock yourself away for a bit. You emerge an hour later, dazed but happy, clutching a handful of treasures.

This is all totally normal. You don’t need to be alarmed at all. It happens to all of us.

If you want to improvise your own, you totally can. If you want a pattern with lots of hand holding, it’s called Hoard and it’s on ravelry.

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