Never ending swatches
Published On: October 31, 2019

Ok, we did swatches parts one and two already, let’s see if we can’t fit the last three all in at once!

I want all the bonus points for reblocking this swatch so I could take a decent photo of it for you. Yarn is Chickadee by Quince and Co in the color Angelica.

What I probably should have done is shown you blocked and unblocked versions of this swatch.  For you see, this stitch pattern looks…ah…shall we say indistinct in it’s unblocked state? That’s a polite word for it, right?⁠⠀
But…the good news here is that when you wear socks, your foot/ankle totally puts the fabric under tension for you, so that oh so slightly nebulous pattern you saw when you were knitting absolutely springs into focus. It’s one of knitting’s many tiny magic tricks, and one this stitch shows off to great advantage!⁠

Next up is something a little more straight forward, but no less delightful.  Yarn is Everyday DK by Ontheround in the color Hologram.⁠

And the socks are a pile of ribbing.  Which is both glorious (so comfy, so tidy, so very delightful to wear) and potentially a tiny bit boring to knit.  So I’ve done something delightfully swoopy on the foot of the sock.  Which the swatch admitedly doesn’t show terrrrrrrribly well.  But it helped me work out the math, and you’ll see how cool it is when I start showing off the socks properly here very soon!

And finally…a totally different take on ribbing.  Yarn is Bluestocking by String Theory Handdyed Yarn in the color Bimini.⁠⠀

And I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but this is just so much fun to work.  I’ve never made stitches quite like it, and the result is just so gloriously textured.  Like it feels tidy and orderly and the tiniest bit subversive. Now, you will totally want to swatch it. It’s weird enough that your first one will probably be a whole lot less tidy than your fifth one (I know mine certainly got tidier as I practiced). But you’ll have fun and it’s totally worth it! ⁠

Once again, though I suspect if you’ve made it this far you totally already know, the book is coming soon, and if you want to hear about the preorder festivities, the mailing list is the thing to do.  But you’re totally a cool kid and already knew that!

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