Let’s show off the socks
Published On: November 20, 2019

Holy smokes that was a busy day!  The preorder opened yesterday and it seems like you folks do, indeed, still like socks (which is lovely, I’d have felt really bad if it turned out socks were out this year!).

So, while I tend the inbox (I *think* I’ve gotten back to everyone who has written to me, but between email, ravelry, instagram, twitter, and blog comments, it’s always possible I overlooked something, if you got in touch and haven’t heard from me, an email to hunter at pantsvillepress dot com is always the best way to reach me) and do a bit of admin stuff, perhaps you’ll indulge me in showing off the socks a bit!

These are Ebbed, and they’re in Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color White Buffalo.  They fill me with an unreasonable joy and you will never ever ever know how much it amused me to plop these delicate, subtle socks down on cold wet sand for pictures (ahem, sorry about your feet Kelly, I know that was chilly).

These are Flowed, and they’re in Caper Sock by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in the color Blue Hill.  And knitting the swatch for these is the closest I’ve ever come to being hypnotized by my own knitting.  All those lines, so perfect and tidy and straight, waving back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  I love it more than I should say.

And these are Knotted, and they’re in Signature Sock Yarn by Ontheround in the color Robin’s Egg.  And these are what happens when I give in and indulge in lovely giant cables with wild abandon.  And frankly…frankly I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

And, one more time just because I swear someone always comes along and says ‘what, new book, I didn’t know!’  The preorder is open now.  It runs through noon (eastern) on Friday the 22nd.  The book officially launches on the 26th (meaning the full eversion will go live and paper books will start showing up in mailboxes and yarn shops and on amazon), so you won’t have long to wait!

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